Na Zamecku Hotel

Address: Zabehlicka 133/35, Prague, Czech Republic
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Welcome to Hotel Na Zámecku situated in a quiet and quaint residential area of Zábehlice in Prague. This area of Prague was formerly an old Czech village above Botic River. The hotel is in a perfect location with excellent access to all of Prague's city centre, through the extensive public transport.

From the moment you arrive at the Hotel Na Zámecku hotel you will be greeted by the hotel's friendly and professional staff that will endeavour to meet all your wants and needs certain to provide you with a comfortable and carefree stay. The hotel's reception desk is open 24 hours a day, should you need any assistance.

The hotel features a total of 57 rooms, all equipped with the finest facilities ensuring you a relaxing and soothing nights sleep. The hotel has a selection of room types, you are sure to find a room type to suit your accommodation needs.

Hotel Na Zámecku is truly a wonderful hotel located in an elegant area, providing guests with outstanding service and accommodation.

INTERNET RATES - 2014/2015

€54 (Save up to 63%)Single
€59 (Save up to 61%)Double
€74 (Save up to 56%)Triple
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Na Zamecku Hotel   ****  Zabehlicka 133/35, Prague, Czech Republic
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